Roswell NM, Circleville OH, and the formation of Israel.

   Courtesy of and The Circleville Herald. Sat Jul_5__1947

You could spend the rest of your life researching the Roswell New Mexico Event. (it actually happened 85 miles northwest of Roswell NM).    

   Did you know right here in Pickaway County there where very similar events near Circleville and not 85 miles away. The Circleville Herald reported on a recovered "Disc" BEFORE (on July 5 1947) the Roswell New Mexico story went 1940s viral on July 8 1947. These local events had initial reports of a "flying Disc" that turned out to be weather balloons also. With just one irresponsible press announcement from Lockbourne Army Airfield , and some National media push Circleville Ohio could have become another Roswell New Mexico.

   Unknown to most is that Circleville Ohio recovered three 6 pointed "Disc" star objects just like what Roswell New Mexico initially reported to have captured. Unlike Roswell NM, Circleville Ohio had a "Disc" almost fully intact. Some have suggested that our "Disc" objects in Circleville Oh where used for cover in Roswell. That is absolutely ridiculous because both events where happening at the exact same time. Because of the distance factor of the recovered objects from their respective cities Circleville had the advantage. On the anniversary of our nations birthday JULY 4 1947 a local Pickaway County farmer Mr Campbell gathered up some "Disc" materials and on that same day July 4 1947 around 85 miles NW of Roswell NM rancer W.W. “Mac” Brazel collected his material up and the rest is History. Soon after Pickaway County and the entire world was a buzz with tales of flying saucers and rumors of recovered flying disc. Everyone was infected with flying saucer fever. The news media did not quell the public's fascination with the flying disc but continued to feed the Ufo fever. Kites where Ufo, flat rocks where Ufo, and a cash bounty was put on the Flying disc.  

  All the Flying Disc hysteria did not start with Roswell or Circleville. It was just one single individual who ushered in the Ufo age. In the history of the world no better moment in time was setting the stage for Ufo to show up other then after June of 1947.  June 24, 1947 to be exact ,the Ufo sightings of Kenneth Arnold. This sighting of multiple objects launched a wave of media bombardment that swept every News Paper in America. If you liked to read a News Paper or listen to the radio the Nation's Ufo hysteria of the time was unavoidable. Combine that with the prior radio broadcast of War of the Worlds by Orsen Wells Mercury Theater on Halloween night of Oct. 30 1938 that caused panic all across America with public demands for federal regulations of radio broadcasts, the alleged early July 1947 Roswell New Mexico "disc crash" news, and the local Circleville Herald reporting on "discs" recovered here in Pickaway County. Circleville Ohio now was located in the eye of the perfect storm. The Stage was set for the Ufo Disc like no other time in history nor a better location of Circleville. Just like Roswell NM, Pickaway County was about to make some Ufo history of its own.

   The Stage was set and waiting for the appearance of a "otherworldly" performer that could mesmerize. Here In Pickaway County we did not have a lengthy wait. Something appeared on a farm and was witnessed by Bruce Stevenson. The birth of a local Ufo legend was soon to ensue. Bruce Stevenson saw something from space he believed this with all his heart his entire life. What he saw or why we still have no hard evidence only that one single witness was sitting in the seats when this object took the stage.

   I'm not going to attempt to intentionally discredit Mr Stevenson he believed what he saw was from outer space and that is no fault of his own. The fact is most Ufo sightings have a way of morphing over time. Almost like a haunting. It has a soul of its own and your memory of the event can morph into more and more fantastical recollections. This is in no way the individuals fault. It is as if some outside force is influencing and manipulating the original sighting into something else.

  Enough of this lets look at the facts printed in news papers, books, and  by multiple investigators. Bruce Stevenson has given drastically different accounts of what he saw to different investigators. The sighting changed his life, continued to manipulate his memory and went from being a date he could not recall, and a slow moving saucer object with rotating propellors into a lighting fast object with Space Aliens who telepathically spoke to him and said they would return one day. He stated he would go with them IF they did return. This is the suppressed facts not told to the public in general or to the public in Circleville Ohio.

The_Circleville_Herald_Sat__Aug_2__1952_front pg 1
   Courtesy of and The Circleville Herald.  The_Circleville_Herald_Sat__Aug_2__1952_front pg 1

  During 1952 between July 12 to July 29 Washington DC had several Ufo incident reports in the papers. The dwindling Ufo hype from 1947 was infused with new energy and vigor. These  Washington DC reports reawakened the Ufo fascination in America. Shortly there after the Bruce Stevenson Ufo sighting  went public on August 2.

 First is what was investigated and reported in the local Circleville Herald of August 2, 1952 article. Note the original precise date of the sighting is unknown, the object was first observed at 2am with everyone else asleep in the house, the object was always horizontal , the object moved slowly the entire time and left slowly ,the object's amber light went completely off and the object slowly exited to his left (if facing towards the hog building from the house left is North-West towards Wright Patterson Airforce Base ), there was no contact or communication of any form with Bruce Stevenson from the object. He saw a propellor or a series of rotating propellors.  Again Never any sudden movements of the object and no contact with the occupants(pilots).
Courtesy of and The Circleville Herald. The_Circleville_Herald_Sat__Aug_2__1952_ pg 2 cont
     Now it gets interesting there has been several books written that contain other investigators who personally interviewed Bruce Stevenson on the event. Here is the interview by Lillian Crowner Desguin the author of "Unidentified Flying Objects fact or fiction?"  Object was seen at first in the vertical position as if looking down a vent and not horizontal, object directly communicated with Bruce Stevenson and conveyed it would be back some day,object made a right angle turn not a left, object lights up then the object rapidly takes off like a shot out of sight. Bruce Stevenson stated he would go with the object if it came back. This accounting by Bruce Stevenson is drastically different. It is now evolving into something else more sinister.
 Courtesy of Powell's City of Books and Aegean Park Press. Lillian Crowner Desguin is the author of "Unidentified Flying Objects fact or fiction. Page 2
   Courtesy of Powell's City of Books and Aegean Park Press. Lillian Crowner Desguin is the author of "Unidentified Flying Objects fact or fiction. Page 3

How many nights did Bruce Stevenson spend looking into the sky, waiting, hoping, and yerning for a second chance to leave everyone and everything behind. A powerful and telling statement to make coming from a salt of the Earth level headed farmer like Bruce Stevenson. What has the ability to induce such a drastic impulse upon a down to Earth man like Bruce.

   How many individuals have been changed by this event in Pickaway County like Dan Harber, like Pete Hartinger, and so many others searching for the Ufo truth, some individuals their entire life? Ufology mimics a religion with sacred events, locations, regular attendence, a desire to reach out to the public with the truth, a desire to grow your numbers, a desire to seek out (worship) enitites of superior intelligence,abilities, and design, and a FAITH in your belief of the source of Ufo being the space aliens.

    More Bruce Stevenson Articles in the drop down menu below here. Articles appeared in The Circleville Herald in the following years. If you read these articles you will see how Bruce Stevenson became a local expert on Ufo. He began attending meetings with like minded individuals. This would require regularly attending meetings on the Ufo subject and hrs of research and time. A desire to reach out to the community and spread the truth.  Lastly a shift in your basic core principles of belief. A change in what you understand of your place in the Universe, a shift of personal priorities and desires. In a sense a new religion based on space aliens is now in some serious competition with God if not a replacement. A desire and yearning to join the space brothers has been implanted by the event. This is proof that the Ufo phenomenon is of a super natural source and that source wants to be worshiped. This is no fault of Bruce Stevenson millions are affected the same way. This is A very Common outcome of a Ufo sighting or a Ufo contactee.

  Please be cautiously wary of what is going on with this subject. Once seduced into this space alien belief system you are NOT coming out. Only the blood of Jesus Christ will set you free.
Within Ufology there is said to be at least 7 Alien races coming to Earth. Common sense combined with Astrophysics and Scientific evidence is proving a much different conclusion.


Courtesy of and The Circleville Herald


Courtesy of and the Circleville Herald

10/06/1952 -1


10/06/1952 -2

The_Circleville_Herald_Mon__Oct_6__1952_ Cont
Courtesy of and The Circleville Herald


Courtesy of and The Circleville Herald.


Courtesy of and The Circleville Herald


Courtesy of and the Circleville Herald.


Courtesy of and The Circleville Herald

Below here are some seldom circulated (censored) Roswell Facts.

"In The Roswell Incident, Marcel stated, "Actually, this material may have looked like tinfoil and balsa wood, but the resemblance ended there ... They took one picture of me on the floor holding up some of the less-interesting metallic debris ... The stuff in that one photo was pieces of the actual stuff we found. It was not a staged photo." Timothy Printy points out that the material Marcel positively identified as being part of what he recovered, is material that skeptics and UFO advocates agree is debris from a balloon device. After that fact was pointed out to him, Marcel changed his story to say that that material was not what he recovered. Skeptics like Robert Todd argued that Marcel had a history of embellishment and exaggeration, such as claiming to have been a pilot and having received five Air Medals for shooting down enemy planes, claims that were all found to be false, and skeptics feel that his evolving Roswell story was simply another instance of this tendency to fabricate.

The pattern of a unknown source controlling and manipulating a Ufo witnesses' memory is well documented in this direct PDF download available here.

 14 years old at the time of the Roswell incident Bessie recalled a much different event than most other witnesses. She was present when her father Mack Brazel  recovered the Roswell debris and helped gather the Roswell material up. Her memory stood firm over time, Un-affected by this mysterious outside force of more and more fantastical recollections. Why ? Could it have been her faith in Jesus Christ ? Below is her official and legal notarized AFFIDAVIT.
The Legal affidavit from the daughter of Mack (mac) Brazel. Bessie BRAZEL SCHREIBER. What is the factor that makes her testimony unique?

Dec. 17, 1932 ~ Nov. 2, 2008
Bessie Irene Schreiber, 75, of Brush Prairie, WA, passed away on Nov. 2, 2008. She was born on Dec. 17, 1932 in Oscura, NM to W. W. "Mac" and Maggie Brazel.
She was an avid gardener, a prolific quilter, a talented seamstress, an amazing cook, and an aspiring woodcarver.

Bessie was a cherished friend to
many and loved her family beyond
belief. She will be missed so very
much by so many!
Bessie is survived by her sons, Brazel Schreiber and wife Nancy, and Robin Schreiber; grand-children, Nicole Chafin, Natalie Aubrey, Beau Schreiber, Taylor Schreiber and Corinne Bullinger; great-grandchildren, Teagan Schreiber, Quinn Aubrey, and Jack Chafin.
She was preceded in death by her husband, James "Jim" E. Schreiber, Jr.; and sons, Eugene Schreiber and James "Tim" E. Schreiber, III.
A memorial service will be held on Thurs., Nov. 6, 2008, at 12:00 p.m. at Orchards United Methodist Church, 11000 NE Fourth Plain Blvd., Orchards, WA.
Donations may be made to American Cancer Society and/or Orchards United Methodist Church.
 Albuquerque_Journal_Wed__Jul_9__1947_ Courtesy of and Albuquerque Journal.
Albuquerque_Journal_Wed__Jul_9__1947 Courtesy of and Albuquerque Journal.

   On July_8_1947 Just 3 hours after the famous Roswell saucer recovery announcement hit the airways,a second announcement was made by a army weather station revealing the Roswell alleged saucer was in fact a high altitude balloon. To no avail though. In a mere 3 hrs the Roswell Ufo crash was born and took on a life of its own. The papers did not care about the corrected announcement only the first sensationalized saucer recovered statement. So in 3 hrs time and not the next day,..... but within 3 hrs the News Media knew of the weather balloon source but refused to do a retraction(correction). The papers continued to run with the saucer story. Selling papers was the motivation not the truth!

What was the now DE-classified Top Secret Project MOGUL ?

>OBJECT LOOKS LIKE A 6 POINT STAR< Courtesy of and Clovis news Journal. Alleged Ufo crash materials recovered 85 miles Northwest of Roswell.
Courtesy of and Albuquerque Journal. Full view of Article.
Tue__Jul_8__1947 Courtesy of and the Circleville Herald. >OBJECT LOOKS LIKE A 6 POINT STAR< This is rather disappointing to those individuals seeking evidence of their faith in space aliens and flying Disc from outer space. Image is of what was recovered here in Circleville Ohio, This is also what was reported to be recovered in Roswell New Mexico. BELIEVE what you want but the facts show the reality. A fully intact "DISC".
Courtesy of and The_Circleville_Herald

Wed__Jul_9__1947_pg 1
Courtesy of and the Circleville Herald. 80 WEATHER STATIONS BEEN SENDING UP DISC KITES
Wed__Jul_9__1947 pg 2 cont
Courtesy of and the Circleville Herald. 80 WEATHER STATIONS BEEN SENDING UP DISC KITES

Below here More Circleville Herald Articles on Flying saucers and disc over the years.


Courtesy of and The Circleville Herald.


Courtesy of and The Circleville Herald.


Courtesy of and The Circleville Herald.


Courtesy of and The Circleville Herald.


Courtesy of and The Circleville Herald.


Courtesy of and The Circleville Herald.
The 31(and counting) local Ufo articles  published since 1996 just in Circleville Ohio area alone. None of these articles have mention of the almost 0  percent chance of Extraterestrials existing or any mention of the religious connection on this topic.

Looks like the Ufo phenomenon goes way out of its way to get noticed not only in our skys, but also in our media! These so called technologically advanced and intelligent Ufo that are supposedly thousands of years ahead of Earth are primitively stupid and clumsy when it comes to stealth! Its obvious that they,.... what ever they are want to be seen by millions of people.
Could the answer be that THEY are not from outer space?

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       One little known fact of this sighting is the fact that at the time of this sighting the active "Thomas Airport"managed by Robert Swift was only about a thousand yards away. Mr. Stevenson tells us in his own words that. "One detail in connection with the silver bottom section I noticed very clearly. There was something whirling around the bottom section, sort of like a big propeller or a series of propellers might do. The movement was clear, the bottom part did not turn. Something kept whirling around the whole thing," he told the Circleville Herald. This encounter has been well researched by the local organization RUFOS. One hidden fact on this ufo incident is that the same time of this encounter Feb. 1, 1948  Pickaway County was starting the ground work on its first Institution of higher learning. The local  Mount of Praise Bible School was ordained to be formed  to educate Christian students. Mount of Praise Bible School opened its doors in October 1948. The name was than changed to The Circleville Bible College and currently is Ohio Christian University. This is important because many ufo encounters coincide with religious events of importance. This is true on the local level and it goes on into the state level, the national level and the world stage level.

       So what did Bruce Stevenson see? A ship from outer space? A ship made here on Earth(Wright Patterson AFB is due northwest)? A demonic form of deception to counter God's work? There is always more than one possible explanation. Lastly on this event if you take the roads where the ufo sighting occurred they form a triangle. They are St Rt 56, US 22, and St Rt 104. Add them all up and divide by 3 you get 60.666666666. That numerical pattern in ufo sightings also repeats its self. Those geometric Locations have a higher percentage of ufo sightings connected to that pattern.

    Thomas Airport 4 5 1948 DA


    Thomas Airport 4 5 1948


    Thomas Airfield 8 4 1948


    Thomas Airport 8 30 1948


    Thomas Airport 6 7 1949

    Tue July_8__1947

    The modern day space alien invasion of our minds from Si Fi started in the 1800s. But it has greatly accelerated since 1947.

    Below is a timeline of events leading up to the Kenneth Arnold sighting, the Roswell NM event, and the Bruce Stevenson sighting. You will see that they all fall in the same time frame with the formation of Israel. The formation of Israel fulfilled prophecy and started the clock ticking for the last generation. 

    Was a insidious End Time Ufo deception put into motion on the anniversary of our nation's birthday around July 4 1947 ?

    In the year 1947, 9 percent of Americans believed in ET currently it is 75% among the youth and 68% among all Americans.

    Title page, 1927 Amazing Stories reprint.  Book cover Artwork from War of the Worlds. Note the craft are of a Disc design. Author H.G. Wells wrote this book between 1885 to 1887.
     On Halloween night Oct. 30, 1938 Orsen Wells panicked America with a War of the Worlds radio broadcast. From this night forward the Extraterrestrial has truly invaded the mind of every American.
     Nazi weapons of war Foo Fighters where not flying disc but a sphere. 
     Foo Fighters of WW II where reported to be a sphere not a disc.
    April 18, 1945: Edward R. Stettinius, Jr. to Harry S. Truman, regarding early requests for Truman's approval of a Jewish State in Palestine. Papers of Harry S. Truman: President's Secretary's Files.
    January 19, 1946: Executive Order 9682 Truman signs order to allow American Military forces to migrate Jews out of Europe and into Palestine. 
    October 4, 1946: On the eve of Yom Kippur, President Truman issues a statement indicating United States support for the creation of a "viable Jewish state."
    October 23, 1946: Loy Henderson, director of the State Department's Near East Agency, warns that the immigration of Jewish Communists into Palestine will increase Soviet influence there.
    October 28, 1946: President Truman writes to King Saud of Saudi Arabia, informing the king that he believes "that a national home for the Jewish people should be established in Palestine."
    February 7, 1947: The British government announces that it will terminate its mandate for Palestine.
    February 14, 1947: The British government announces that it will refer the problem of the future of Palestine to the United Nations.
    April 2, 1947: The British Government submits to the General Assembly of the United Nations an account of its administration of Palestine under the League of Nations mandate, and asks the General Assembly to make recommendations regarding the future governmt of Palestine.
    May 13, 1947: The United Nations General Assembly appoints an eleven nation Special Committee ."

    Courtesy of Kenneth Arnold sighting June_24_1947. The media's flying saucer comes of Age. Kenneth Arnold never actually stated he saw a flying saucer( the media of the time did ).
    Courtesy of, and The Circleville Herald
    Courtesy of and The Circleville Herald. July 4 1947 Mr Campbell takes Disc materials to his barn.
    Courtesy of, and The Circleville Herald. Description of material is of a >OBJECT LOOKS LIKE A 6 POINT STAR
    Courtesy of The
    Columbus Dispatch and
    Courtesy of
    Atlanta Journal
    Courtisy of and The Circleville Herald. July_8_1947
    Tue Jul_8_1947
    Courtesy of and The Circleville Herald. Description of material is of a >OBJECT LOOKS LIKE A 6 POINT STAR
    Tue Jul_8_1947 Courtesy of, and The Circleville Herald. >OBJECT LOOKS LIKE A 6 POINT STAR
    Tue Jul_8_1947 Courtesy of and the Circleville Herald. Pranks and schemes run amok.
    July_8_1947 Roswell NM captured Flying Disc Story goes 1940s viral.
    Courtesy of
     July_9_1947 Courtesy of and Albuquerque Journal.
    On July_8_1947 Just 3 hours after the famous Roswell saucer recovery announcement hit the airways,a second announcement was made by a army weather station revealing the Roswell alleged saucer was in fact a high altitude balloon. To no avail though. In a mere 3 hrs the Roswell Ufo crash was born and took on a life of its own. The papers did not care about the corrected announcement only the first sensationalized saucer recovered statement. So in 3 hrs time and not the next day,..... but within 3 hrs the News Media knew of the weather balloon source but refused to do a retraction(correction). The papers continued to run with the saucer story. Selling papers was the motivation not the truth!
    Courtesy of and Clovis News Journal. July_9_1947
    Courtesy of Rancher original report is of foil, sticks,rubber, and paper. Not the advanced materials of an interstellar flying saucer, a inter-dimensional machine, or a Time Traveling device from the future. July_9_1947
    1947 Roswell Materials
    1947 Roswell Materials
    "November 29, 1947: The United Nations General Assembly approves the partition plan for Palestine put forward by the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine. The 1947 UN Partition divided the area into three entities: a Jewish state, an Arab state, and an international zone around Jerusalem." This was the formation of Israel.
       After massive media press reports on flying saucers being sighted all across the World and in the same time line with the process of the formation of Israel and in the time frame of Circleville's Mount of Praise Bible School being formed, Bruce Stevenson has his sighting in early Febuary of 1948. The date is noted as Febuary, 1, 1948 in the book "Unidentified Flying Objects fact or fiction" page 2. The date is noted as February, 1, 1948 by Article in the Pickaway Quarterly, Fall 1996, pp.11-13 by Pete Hartinger of RUFOS. The date is noted as 1949 By former editor EDWARD C. McCANN of the Circleville Herald  (that date is incorrect). Edward C. McCann letter to Wright Patterson Airforce base.
    Courtesy of and The Circleville Herald. Oct_14_1948
    Courtesy of
    and The Circleville Herald. Oct_14_1948 cont pg 2