Pyramids & Space Aliens

I really did not want to write this webpage, I thought to myself what a waste of time researching how the Pyramids of Egypt where built just to disprove  that Space Aliens helped in the process. Thing is they did, well sort of. By that I do not imply space aliens but space bodies just not the living kind. The Sun, Moon, the Star Sol, and the ever constant and precise motion of such bodies within our solar system. The bright stars in our galaxy inspired old technology that we have long since forgotten. We have thru modern day technology become smarter and at the same time we have become dumber. The ancient world had an over abundance of simplicity and common sense where as we have a over abundance of complication in digital technologies that we feel are more advanced but in reality the Ancient man was just as smart and his ways just as precise.

  The Pyramids of Egypt have been a mystery for hundreds of years, how where they built with such precision, how where such massive stones moved, how where they so perfectly aligned, how where the stones set next to each other with such milometer precision , well if you want to know more keep on reading. I warn you though I have discovered a new sense of humbleness on this journey through the mind of the Ancient Egyptians.  The brain power of a 5 thousand year ago Egyptian was just as good as modern day human and more so as far as being in tune with nature and the great cosmos.

Just imagine your in Egypt 4,500 years ago. You are part of a huge empire based on the trade of sailing ships that travel up and down the Nile river. You worship the elements of Wind ,Fire,Water, Earth, the Seasons, the Sun, Moon and Stars. Your have no TV , you have no Radio, no Game Console, you have only the night sky for entertainment and your natural surroundings. Survival is dependent on your understanding of what you worship and your common sense to apply that knowledge in everyday life. So to say that Ancient Egyptians where more attune to the everyday things around them is a under statement they where indeed masters of these things , they where genius innovators of simplicity and the natural world around them. 

  We as modern day man need to interject space aliens into the equation as to fathom how and why such massive constructions where done. The information Age has given us a abundance of knowledge yet real wisdom is lacking. Our social life has become less and less about actual real world (hands on) experience. Ancient man needed direct physical social interactions to survive. By the thousands they gathered side by side working in harmony to accomplish impressive feats of Wonder and Architecture. The makers of the pyramids did not require any space alien help from above or on the ground below. The Ancient Egyptians had all they needed via environment awareness and common sense handed down thru generations of direct hands on knowledge.

 First off there are over 100 pyramids in Egypt all of these pyramids over time, thousands of years show a learning curve , a progression of being built better after each attempt. I say attempt because many early pyramids where abandoned and left for dead due to being a screw up, a failure, a trial and error mistake. Space Aliens don't make mistakes right ? After all they are so advanced and beyond our technology that 100 attempts before 3 good structures where erected would be what mankind  could accomplish on its own. The very old semblance of hard work and perseverance is at work here, not the space alien.

"Necessity is the mother of invention"
The art of surveying was born in Egypt around 3000 B.C. due to the regular periodic flooding of the Nile river.
The computer age thinks the alignments of the 3 main Pyramids in the Giza Plateau are uncanny , that no way could ancient man have calculated near perfect, North, South, East , or West. No way they could have aligned all three Pyramids with the 3 stars of Orion's Belt. No way could they have erected a 8 sided structure that only reveals its 8 sides on the equinox. Wrong ! Ancient Egyptians had Astronomical instruments that where just as precise as what we have today. There is a device called the Merkhet, a Gnomon, a Egyptian Bay, a Setchat, plumbs, squares,water leveling and many other alignment and survey tools that are very precise. Those instruments have been found in tombs along with time telling devices. The simplicity of a shadow cast from a pole also was used to find direction. Perfection is only on the surface a closer look reveals imperfections. Not even the great Pyramid of Khufu is perfect is has a 5.5 inch difference in the base on one side, slopes up the pyramid are not perfect, and this is exactly what would happen if these devices where used. This would also put the Giza Khufu pyramid on the equator line because this alignment tool was the most accurate on the fall equinox of every year , this year Sept. 23 2019 is the fall equinox.

Did you even know that The Great Pyramid of Khufu has 8 sides? This is because it was planned out on a grid system and designed to have 8 sides intentionally. This can only be seen on the ground during the equinox during rare lighting conditions. These 8 sides are only visible on the equinox sunrises and sunsets. Once covered in reflective polished limestone casings this Pyramid of Khufu would have been an awesome sight in Ancient Egypt on the day of a equinox. A proud and wonderful day. A source of national pride and unity like our 4orth of July celebration, The Statue of Liberty, France's Eiffel Tower, Mt Rushmore, and so many other buildings and works that we erect to show off our national pride.  So in essence Khufu built the world's largest astronomical device and national monument all in one project. Another example of this is the descent of the serpent in the Chichen Itza Kukulkan Pyramid located in Mexico that only occurs on the Equinox. One quick note on the claims that The Kufu Pyramid is at the geographic center of land on Earth. This is a completely false accusation. That title goes to a location in Turkey not Egypt!

The direction, purpose, and precise alignment is now solved by the proven methods and tools of the time. No space aliens needed.

Clip from a French Movie on the 8 faces of The Great Pyramid only being visible on the Equinoxes Sunrise and Sunset !
"Animated video production that provides a guided, overall tour of the Giza Plateau." As it would have appeared 4,500 years ago.

Polished White Limestone Casings once covered The Great Pyramid of Khufu. At that time the 8 faces would have been clearly visable on the ground during the Equinoxes.

True dimensions of The Great 8 sided Pyramid of Giza by ingrimch Sep 16, 2018

A link to a accurate 3d model of The Great Pyramid. You can rotate the light source angle and see the 8 sides appear.

Accurate measurements to make a 3d model of The true shape of the Great Pyramid.

  Shadow circle method
The Images below are a few more examples of Equinox structures around the globe.  Egyptian Pyramids are not rare in their alignment just the most impressive. All these civilizations used the same basic methods of alignment.

Grianan of Aileach on the Fall equinox. Photo source: Adam Rory Porter

The sun rises up over the central pinnacle of Angkor Wat. ( CC BY-SA 3.0 ) "On the morning of the spring equinox, the sun rises up the side of the central tower of the temple and crowns its pinnacle."

Mnajdra Lower Temple, Spring Equinox sunrise. Photo source By Joanna Gillan

Stonehenge on the spring equinox. Gail Johnson

NewGrange in Ireland is 5,200 years old. A small chamber within the structure illuminates on the winter solstice every year weather permitting.
Anthem Veterans Memorial
You can chose any day of the year and construct a solar alignment device. A more modern example of this is The Anthem Veterans Memorial in Arizona. " At precisely 11:11 a.m. each Veterans Day (Nov. 11), the sun's rays pass through the ellipses of the five Armed Services pillars to form a solar spotlight on the glass mosaic of The Great Seal of the United States."

Next how could they move such large stones and monuments. Notice  I said move not lift, the lift is to come later but first lets just get the stone to the pyramid. Well it was a combination of man power, animal power,  wetting the sand , materials already located at the site, and a wooden sled. By man power I mean real man power. Hundreds of Men of large stature and strength hand picked for just such a job. Imagine body builders who work out with stone and rope. They were employed, paid well, fed well with prime meat, working together as a unit and loving their work. I hypothesize as a ancient man could anything be any better than at the end of a hards days work looking up and thinking, " I'm doing that Wow!".
Wait a minute what? "Wetting the sand"? Yes they did wet the sand and for good reason pulling a massive granite stone work on a wooden sled over sand is much easier with wet sand. In fact recent science has proven that 2 to 5 percent moisture in the sand reduced the friction in half. This is also what the Egyptians left behind in Hieroglyphs (see image above) so yes they left us messages telling us this.

Recent discoveries and breakthroughs on building technics.

The Egyptians where also one of the first sailing civilizations. This sailing experience would give a great understanding of wind and its power. Rigging,primitive pulleys, and rope in recovered Egyptian boats combined with compelling evidence in both their writings and in the real world that the Egyptians harnessed wind power to help move these massive stones. How hard is it to move a sail from a ship to a stone and now its called a lift kite. The area has a steady wind of 20 miles per hr thru most of the year. The wind blows in the direction the stones would need to travel. The majority of stones where taken from  nearby quarries. The Nile also floods every year on a regular schedule so it is also possible they used water to float some stones close to the structures. The Egyptians had boats that could have been used as Water Cranes able to lift and transport 4 ton stones this no matter of speculation they have recovered these from burial pits. Okay we got the dragging to the site and a little limited lifting covered. So far no space aliens where needed.

Could these Egyptian Hieroglyphs  be Men holding kite ropes with rigging and a huge kite above them? The wing is a very common reoccurrence in their writings.
Image credit History Channel

Flying Pyramids, Soaring Stones
"In this History Channel documentary series, professor Mory Gharib and graduate student Emilio Graff work with other scientists and engineers to errect a replica obelisk using only wind energy."

I have personally watched this on DVD it works !  
"It’s an unforgettable sight: innovation expert Maureen Clemmons can lift and “fly” massive objects, including five-ton stones, with little more than a steady wind and a good kite."

A wing with what appears to be tie rigging and rope on the bottom.
Another wing design with what appears to have rigging and tie pionts on the bottom.
Khufu Water Crane ? Look at the front and top of the boat. It appears to be made to tie onto and lift. Eyptians invented, paper, ink, the plough , makeup, surveying, and a whole lot more!

The heaviest stones where never lifted into place. They used everything at their deposal to drag those massive stones Internal Ramps, Animals, Wind, Water, and Man Power on the ground. The average stone lifted was around 2.5 tons. What could lift 2.5 tons that was around 4500 years ago? Same thing we have today a machine! These machines where a genius contraption of a few different designs using leverage, pivot points, and big hand cranks . A Greek historian recorded important details about these machines on a trip through Egypt.

"Herodotus' description
Herodotus provides a description of the process in Histories.
The pyramid was built in steps, battlement-wise, as it is called, or, according to others, altar-wise. After laying the stones for the base, they raised the remaining stones to their places by means of machines formed of short wooden planks. The first machine raised them from the ground to the top of the first step. On this there was another machine, which received the stone upon its arrival and conveyed it to the second step, whence a third machine advanced it still higher. Either they had as many machines as there were steps in the pyramid, or possibly they had but a single machine, which, being easily moved, was transferred from tier to tier as the stone rose — both accounts are given and therefore I mention both. The upper portion of the Pyramid was finished first, then the middle and finally the part which was lowest and nearest to the ground" Herodotus also gives this account of the preparation time, " For ten years the people wore themselves out building the road over which the stones were dragged, work which was in my opinion not much lighter at all than the building of the pyramid1 (for the road is nearly a mile long and twenty yards wide, and elevated at its highest to a height of sixteen yards, and it is all of stone polished and carved with figures). The aforesaid ten years went to the building of this road and of the underground chambers in the hill where the pyramids stand; these, the king meant to be burial-places for himself, and surrounded them with water, bringing in a channel from the Nile. The pyramid itself was twenty years in the making."
The leverage beams for these machines have been found in tombs. In the 90s a man proved that these machines where real and did work by going to Egypt and demonstrating the machine on a pyramid. The Egyptians had machines that would lift 2.5 ton blocks of stone up to 15 feet , then move the stone down on the next machine's lifting platform and continue the process until the stone reached its destination up the structure. More recently in 2006 and 2011 a French Architect  Jean-Pierre Houdin has proof of a internal ramp within the Khufu pyramid and evidence proving that the Khufu Grand Gallery is a basic sled system that would only require 100 men to lift the most massive of the stones. One thing to note here is that Herodotus tells us of a precise road height "highest to a height of sixteen yards" that my friends would have been the same height as the Grand Gallery during construction! Wow! So no space alien anti-gravity tech was needed to levitate them into place.

In 2006 French Architect Jean-Pierre Houdin shows proof of the Khufu Grand Gallery is a sled system for lifting up to 60 ton Granite Stones. Advance to mark 38:30
 The Khufu Grand Gallery Sled System Video 2011 update. Amazing !

This trolley like sled system would only require Rope, Wood, and some Lubricant to reduce friction. The thing about this system is we have proof in Hieroglyphs that the sled was used with rope,water, and pulled by 200 plus men.

Ron Wyatt built a machine and put it to the test on the Pyamids in Egpt. It worked and could have been made with the materials of the time.

The use of a counter balance was known in Egypt before the Pyramids where built.
Seeing is believing. Do you see the mulptiple solutions for lifting the stones. There are many. Did a Greek Historian record that Flying Saucers helped ? NO he did not! Was it within the material of the time and the abilites of man to lift these stones? The answer without question is YES !

Egyptian pulley
Egyptian pulley 5000 pound load.
Michigan man is building Stonehenge in his backyard by Himself. He makes it look so simple !

Okay here is where they got me with the space alien connection , some of these stones are cut with such precision that we could not duplicate it today. Well that statement is actually accurate because we lack the common sense to do such a thing but 4500 years ago they did not.  Imagine that you are in a stone quarry you are cutting stone blocks off a huge giant deposit of limestone. Literally at this quarry, the earth under your feet is all limestone. So you make your marks start the process of using Arsenical Copper tools to cut your groves and holes along natural lines to split the limestone with wood. Limestone is one thing but what about the granite? Granite was cut with copper tools combined with sand.  As a tradesman would say "Tricks of the Trade" Split rock with wood? What are you talking about split the limestone and granite with wood? They used wooden wedges to split the limestone and granite by driving the wedges into the prepared cuts than the Eygyptian stone cutter soaked the wood in water. Soon the wood swelled and split the stone. Drilling was also accomplished with cooper arsenic tools combined with the use of Sand.

 As if wet wood splitting granite isn't cool enough get ready for this revelation.  The edge of the first stone that you just split off is a perfect match to the second stone your about to cut. So it fits that cut perfect because it came from that cut not because of some milling or advanced machine work.  The Egyptian stone cutter marked this somehow so that when they cut the second stone it was set on the pyramid rejoining the first stone. They simply kept matching the cut edges together leading modern day man to think some fantastic feat of technology was accomplished due to the exact fitting of edges. That is how the millimeter precision was attained not a big deal. Like tearing a sheet of paper in half out of a book than putting it back together. You now have the perfect fit because it used to be the same sheet of paper in the same book. The estimated weight of The Khufu pyramid is 5.75 million tons. Taking this into consideration it is very plausible that the time factor involved of around 4,500 years and the shear amount of weight involved has compressed the stone into a more precise fit.  Space Aliens not needed. Just genius level common sense!

Over thinking a mysterious puzzle or some unsolved evidence often takes one to a complicated process full of unnecessary thoughts and research. To avoid such a consuming waste of effort a simple law should be applied. This law is called Occam's Razor, the basic law is stated as this
"the simplest answer is most often correct"
or my view of this law stated like this
"common sense is the truth" .
More a "rule of thumb" then an actual scientific law Occam's Razor can be applied to the Pyramids!

Many complicated theories based on the Pyramids exist. One of them being the Kufu Pyramid is a giant energy conductor of some type made by space aliens. Theories range from electric, hydrogen, microwave, global communication, and everything in between.  One theory suggests that Granite within the Great Kufu Pyramid shows signs of being exposed to huge amounts of heat and pressure, even evidence showing that this Granite was  put thru the process of liquefaction. This is no singularity other sites allegedly show similar evidence around the world. We can sit down and hypothesize for years looking for some crazy over complicated answer for this or we can look at the common sense basics. How is Granite formed within the planet Earth? This is basic geology "Grade School"stuff. Granite is igneous (it is solidified from magma). Granite was conceived in the from of liquid magma and then cooled down into its current state of solid matter.
Granite is the most common igneous rock on Earth. Granite is abundant and widespread across the Earth. These facts clearly explain why we see so many individuals unable to comprehend the extreme heat, pressure, and liquefaction evidence at ancient site locations around the globe.

   To further explain away with Occam's Razor other theories of a far fetched nature, we see evidence of explosions from high stress and heat within the pyramids there is mention of cracks in the Granite as if a massive explosion had occurred. Granite does have cracks in it. This is the result of a natural process when it is becoming solid from its liquefied magma state. Cracks may also be induced by blasting. After the invention of gun powder in 850 A.D. was Gun Powder used in the pillage of ancient sites with the goal of finding treasure, grave robbing, or Archeological studies? A simple search online will give you your answer.

Have some sites been blown up with explosives? "The British and Italian 19th-century Egyptologists Richard Vyse and Giovanni Battista Caviglia blasted holes in the pyramid with dynamite". Prior to Dynamite, Gunpowder was used giving us "Gunpowder  Archeology". Yes some sites have been blasted including but not limited to the Kufu Pyramid !  Auguste Mariette discovered the necropolis site of Saqqara  "he used dynamite to blow open one sealed granite coffin" .

If the chemical compounds found on the interior walls of the Kufu Pyramid match the compounds used in Gun Powder, Dynamite, and or Nitroglycerin, would you still speculate that space aliens gave secret knowledge to the Egyptians or conclude that blasting by modern day Humans has contaminated the Pyramid ? 

Dr. Michael Heiser received an MA in Ancient History from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MA and PhD in the Hebrew Bible and Semitic Languages from the University of Wisconsin.
Michael S. Heiser, Ph D. presents a lecture on Ezekiel's Wheel and Ancient alphabets such as Hebrew and Egyptian text.

I hope after this long and daunting read it is a little easier to understand how such structures where made with man power, brain power, perseverance over time, and something else we seem to forget getting in touch with nature.

The ability to imagine, create, and believe was fueled by desire. They desired to be remembered,  pondered about the after life, and gained a type of immortality by living into our time thru their colossal works of wonder. They achieved this with primitive tools and common sense. Their greatest unintentional gift to us may be not in those works but that we as modern man have become way to reliant on technology. Modern man can get lost without a network and a cell phone, ancient man only needed a tree branch and a shadow. Who is really smarter now? This is the Humble part !  

Learn survival skills of how to aqiure direction with out a magnetic compus.
A uniuqe website selling time pieces based on the the Ancient Sundial concepts. All the same basic principles of telling the time of day by a cast shadow, or a beam of light projected by the position of the Sun.

There are many who propose the coordinates of The Great Pyramid of Khufu is the speed of light in meters. First of all if you take the speed of light in meters it is 299,792,458 Meters per second.  Go to Google maps and type in that number and hit search. You wil get
"MAPS CAN'T FIND 299,792,458". The image below shows us this.

Credit: for image Illinois State University

Latitude runs East and West Horizontal on the image. Longitude runs North and South Vertical in the image. To get a location you need to intersect BOTH on the Globe. The speed of light number is modified to be a Latitude number. It is 29.9792458 This is only the Latitude it runs around the entire globe. Without the corresponding Longitude number it means nothing. 
Next we go to Google Earth where you can see the Latitude and Longitude lines. They make a grid pattern all over the globe.  The speed of light is 299,792,458 mps now change it to Latitude 29.9792458. It does not fall onThe Great Pyramid of Khufu. You need to zoom way out to find that Latitude number. The grid pattern does not match the pyramid either as some others have suggested. You can see that I added the number 29.9792458  in the address bar for a reference.

So where does 29.9792458 Latitude fall in that area of the world? This is the closest I could get it to the Great Giza Pyramid!

What about The Biblical Accounting?

There is no debating if Ancient Egypt had slaves or not. The only debate is about the time period of when the slaves where in Egypt and if these slaves helped in the process of building the pyramids. There are many aspects of pyramid building, each dynasty had its own wealth, population,military conquests of capturing slaves, and ruler. All these factors need to be considered when bringing Egyptian history to coincide with Biblical accounts. That being said here is what the most likely answer is.

The Biblical accounting is most likely near the end of the 12 dynasty. "Most of the pyramids built in this dynasty were made of millions of large, sun-dried mud bricks."

Two Pharos are suspect to be the ones when the Exodus occurred.

  Ramses II or Neferhotep I

"Little is known about the Pharaoh Neferhotep I . Some biblical historians believe he may be the king who persecuted the Hebrews and under whose anti-Jewish reign the exodus occurred. His body and tomb have never been found."