No scientific proof concludes that

Intelligent Extraterrestrials exist

yet millions believe so.

Perception of this subject is largely a

preconditioned conclusion,

a strong belief Induced by wonders

appearing in our atmosphere.

The Roswell Event

This event is more of a lesson in History, Secret Projects, and the 1940s flying disc mania induced by the newspapers. Another lesson is for later.


The History of Flying Disc in the Media.

. Mankind has aways seen strange things in the atmosphere. From sailing ships to angels and cities. However, the modern ufo phenomenon morphs to fit the current mindset and times. What was once a silvery disc is now a glowing orb that multiplies, changes shape, goes through solid objects, and teleports.



The extraterrestrial disc image enters into our psyche. “The War of the Worlds science fiction novel by H.G. Wells, first published serially by Pearson’s Magazine in the U.K. and by The Cosmopolitan magazine in the U.S. in 1897. The novel details a catastrophic conflict between humans and extraterrestrial “Martians.” It is considered a landmark work of science fiction, and it has inspired numerous adaptations and imitations.”

Original 1898 ET Martian disc illustration.
Original 1898 ET Martian disc illustration.

The invasion into our mind continues. This 1927 Original Cover illustration interjects the Disc shape once again. “The novel was a tremendous commercial success. Within five years of its publication, it had been translated into 10 languages.

The flying disc imagery begins to enter our society more.


The Martian disc invasion escalates causing the public to panic! On Halloween eve in 1938, Radio Director Orsen Wells panicked America with the first fake news broadcast. This dramatic ET invasion occurred just 9 years prior to the Roswell incident. The real invasion was in our minds. Society began to embrace the notion of ET with a curious vigor. Note: in the radio broadcast the Martian disc is learning how to fly. Listen to original radio broadcast here.

This adaptation concludes that the Martian disc is being modified to fly. As you have seen Americans were shocked and stunned by the radio adaptation. These same Americans are about to enter into WWII.


Nazi Flying disc?

WWII Airmen report strange objects. I could do a whole page on these reports. Germany developed many unique defensive methods at the end of the war. Note that these objects are only described as floating and not defying the laws of physics. Possible culprits Barrage Ballons, The Comet, Me 262

The German anti-aircraft balloon launches. The purpose was psychological warfare with radar elements. Tactical elements included forcing enemy aircraft into higher altitudes or predesignated kill zones. Not very effective but these simple ballons soon became the Nazi flying disk tales of urban legend. Another term used during WWII was Foo Fighter.

——–>Matthew 6:5-15<——–

Next comes Kenneth Arnold. Dubbed the man who started it all. The media took his story and ran with it. The story spread like wildfire and sold newspapers just as fast!

Did Kenneth witness a secret stealth jet prototype?

Prototypes recovered at the end of WWII. The World’s first stealth fighter/bomber is eerily similar to what Kenneth reported observing. Built and tested and 60% more radar evasive than any 1940s aircraft. Kenneth reported the motion of the craft he saw at an estimated 1700 miles per hr and skipping like a rock across the water. Interesting that the Horton 229 employed 2 jet engines that were designed for maximum range. The pilot could conservatively accelerate the jet engines gaining altitude then glide. The motion would mimic a skipping rock on water.

A Horton Ho 229 Replica was Built and tested by Northrop Grumman

——–>Matthew 6:5-15<——–

The ufo mania jumped to Defcon 3 with the Kenneth Arnold sighting, now everything was reported as a flying disc.

Project Mogul released high-altitude ballons over America.

“The project was carried out from 1947 until early 1949. It was a classified portion of an unclassified project by New York University (NYU) atmospheric researchers.”

These ballons carried sensitive radar and sound detection equipment. Citizens from all walks of life report seeing them (as flying disc) or recovered them. All across America what went up eventually came down. The Roswell incident was only unique in its fame by the fudged local base announcement, and the News Papers desire for sensationalizing the story for profit. Roswell went 1940s viral.

——–>Matthew 6:5-15<——–


Roswell stole the fame for this event that actually took place some 80 miles away nearer to the town of Corona NM. Corona NM is fine with it. At the time of this event high altitude weather ballons were being utilized to study the atmosphere. Secret high-altitude projects were also being utilized to listen for USSR nuclear detonations. Research into Secret stealth Jet aircraft development was also underway. The flying disc mania was a factor. There IS another factor, but it can wait for now.

The original Army public relations announcement was made and then just 3 HOURS later an Army weather officer issued a retraction announcement. The newspapers immediately ran with the story. Some Newspapers even ignored the Retraction by the Army weather officer and printed the flying disc story anyway. The Roswell incident begins! There was no coverup, there was no spaceship, only the desire to sell more newspapers. The original Army public relations announcement was made based on statements influenced by the flying disc mania . The mind set at this time was focused on the flying disc mania.


I wonder could it have been that America was the largest and most powerful Christian nation on Earth? Who or what would desire to target American Christian beliefs? Has the Roswell event greatly escalated a belief in Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life?


The recovery of the Roswell material as documented by the daughter of Mack Brazel. This firsthand witness account is largely ignored by those who believe in Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life. Bessie was a devote church goer and Christian. Was she protected somehow from any type of dark influence?


The accounts of the recovered Roswell material possessing fantastical properties not of this world are proven to be grossly exaggerated when the facts are presented such as Bessie’s affidavit or the military records of key witnesses. Intelligence Officer Major Jessie Marcel acquired experience in acting, singing, and the preforming arts. Jessie Marcel was an entertainer at heart, prone by nature to convince/entertain an audience. This was proven in 1995 by Robert G. Todd with extensive military documentation research.

That pretty much sums up the mundane facts of the Roswell/Corona event. Now for the other contributing factor that was mentioned earlier.

Historical facts can reveal some hidden connections.

A little Triva. What nation announced to the world at the United Nations on May 14,1947 their support for the creation of Israel? See image below for the answer.

What does the birth of a nation and the birth of the modern Ufo age have in common?

Before the recovery of material from the alleged Roswell New Mexico Ufo crash on July 4, 1947(America’s birthday), there was the man who started it all Kenneth Arnold. On June 24, 1947, Kenneth Arnold witnessed a sortie of ufo flying an estimated 1700 miles per hr, but before Roswell and Kenneth Arnold, there was a USSR Ambassador to the United Nations Andrei Gromyko who shocked the world on May,14,1947 and declared the USSRs support for Israel to be created.

Who was this United Nations USSR Ambassador and what does he have to do with the birth of a nation and the birth of the modern UFO age?

Dates are important, timing is everything!

Before the birth of the modern Ufo age the labor pains of Israel where occurring. WW II and its concentration camps and the horror of mass slaughter was resonating throughout the world. Israel was only an idea with no real substance until May 14, 1947, when the most unlikely of voices spoke up on the World stage.

On May, 14,1947 at the United Nations, USSR Ambassador Andrei Gromyko stood on the floor of the UN general Assembly and announced that Stalin and the USSR officially recognized the need for a nation state for the Jewish peoples saying,

“It would be unjust not to take this into consideration and to deny the right of the Jewish people to realize this aspiration,”. “The Soviet Union, said Gromyko, would still prefer a “single Arab-Jewish state with equal rights for the Jews and Arabs.” But if the UN commission found this “impossible to implement, in view of the deterioration in the relations between Jews and Arabs,” there was a “justifiable” alternative: “the partition of Palestine into two independent single states, one Jewish and one Arab.”


American President Truman was not happy. On the United Nation floor Truman was beat to the punch by Stalin, Truman was not going to be out done by the USSR in the arena of human rights or on the world stage. This was post World War II and the major players were positioning for world power status.


Truman religiously pursued the adoption of resolutions and made public statements crusading on the world stage for the separation of Palestine and the creation of Israel. The formation of Israel was bible prophecy being fulfilled. This prophecy ushered in the last generation before Jesus Christ returns. This prophecy started a biblical clock ticking. A timeline that has a beginning and ending, the ending now had one generation to completion.


Time was now running out. Not the time on the world stage of political competition but in the very realm of spiritual warfare. You see up until the formation of Israel evil forces of the fallen one had all the time in the world to seduce lie, trick, and fool the masses on planet Earth. Now something had changed the timer started ticking, the sand in the hourglass was flipped and sifting down to an end. A real game changer was needed and fast.


Evil knew the prophecy of Israel was about to be fulfilled and birthed a plan, a trick, a lie, a delusion of biblical proportions. Like two twins being birthed at the same time, one Good and one Evil, one the miraculous prophesied Nation of Israel and one a Deception of lying signs and wonders seducing the world into a Extraterrestrial lie.


This Extraterrestrial lie is escalating, and the UFO phenomenon is in high gear. Time is running out and satan knows it. The UFO phenomenon is the lying signs and wonders in the spiritual Realm. The powers of the prince of the air.


The non-supernatural is even more massive in scope. The complete media bombardment of ET in movies, commercials, advertising, TV series, comic books, radio, merchandising, games, and apps like Sirus CE5 protocol for our smart phones. The CE5 app teaches individuals how to pray and communicate to unknown entities. Sirus CE5 can literally lead to a Demonic possession. ET has become a multi-billion-dollar business and a way into our gullible hearts.


The game changer plan is working as more and more Americans believe in ET the church shrinks in belief.

` The Delusional blitzkrieg has 76 percent of young Americans believing in Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life. Honestly this sky rocketing belief in ET requires more faith than a belief in GOD. This is like a spiritual test on a worldwide scale. The same sort of individual test GOD allowed JOB to endure from satan, the same type of test that GOD allowed JESUS to endure in the wilderness. GOD is not sending this but allowing it. Only those grounded in GOD’s word are going to pass this test.


The Holy Bible says there will be a STRONG DELUSION of deceptive supernatural wonders. This deception will be perpetrated by the father of lies. His tricks usually employ the lure of advanced knowledge wrapped up in a shinny illusion of deception.

Deception + Illusion = Delusion


If the End Times Delusion is this belief in ET. Let us hope and pray the last stronghold remains somewhat intact.

The Church!

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